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Golf Tips For Left Handed Golfers


Most golfers are right handed, so it is difficult to find tips that can help left handed golfers to improve their game. If you are a left handed golfer in need of tips to improve your game, here are some tips that can help you put your game back on track and lower your scores.

The first thing for a left handed golfer is to get his/her club fitted. This will improve swing as fitting takes care of the various adjustments required to give effect to better swinging. Fitting your golf club will include adjustments to the shaft length, its flex and the size of the grip. In fact your grip on the club is the only way, in which you control your club. Your grip pressure should be firm, but not rigid and should allow the club to rotate as you swing to make a hit.

Many left handed golfers make a common mistake of attempting to play right handed golf. Although it sounds confusing, it is easy to understand. In the beginning everyone plays with borrowed clubs to try their hand at playing golf (unless they can afford to buy their own set of expensive clubs). Since most players are right handed, a beginner 'lefty' usually borrows clubs that are unsuitable for his individual game. This leads to a bad situation, which does not allow a left-handed player to learn to play properly. So, always make sure that you play with clubs meant for left handed players.

Many left handed players continue to play with right handed clubs, even when they learn that those clubs are not right for them, for the simple reason that they have been playing with them for a long time. This does not let them improve their game and the best thing to do is to switch over to golf equipment specifically designed for left handed golfers to suit their natural swing.

When choosing golf clubs a left handed golfer should be cautious and make a careful selection as the options in left handed clubs are not as wide as they are in clubs designed for right handed players. If the right equipment is not readily available at a local store, it is better to wait for some time till it becomes available or try to visit a professional shop or a big retail outlet dealing in golfing equipment to make your purchase.

If you are unable to buy the right equipment for left handed golfers directly from stores, you can always use mail order catalogue services to place your order. The Internet is an excellent resource to locate companies, which sell the right stuff that fits the needs of left-handed golfers.

Most importantly, left handed golfers should endeavor to seek good quality professional instruction. It is an undisputable fact that a good pro can greatly help you to learn and play successful golf. You receive invaluable tips to correct your swing and tailored instructions to fit your individual style and game. The trick here is to choose the right pro. You need to inquire, whether the instructor is qualified to teach left handed golfers. You must note that most right handed instructors face a difficult time teaching golfers, who are left handed.

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